Fresh Veggies Here!

I have some greens and radishes pulled this morning. The last harvest of zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, and other summer crops. Still have Brussels sprouts, winter squash, cabbages, and onions coming in. Green peanuts are still being harvested in this area. Do y’all like boiled peanuts? It’s a one time a year special treat. All different varieties of apples are coming in. I’ll soon have more new items in the store. Yay! My oven is fixed and we will be grinding fresh flour for baking. I’m evaporating my fresh goat milk to make pumpkin pies with soon. Mmmm I’ve already cooked down and puréed the pumpkin. It’s a LOT of work that goes into baking a REAL HOMEMADE PIE! No carb Wednesdays! I started off with 3 slices of bacon and ACV water this morning. Strange combination I know. Lol, I’ve done 3 gall bladder cleanses in the past 30 days. My gallbladder no longer hurts and I’ve passed over 75 stones. Yay! I’m making progress. I’ll give my liver a chance to push more stones out for another 10-ish days and I’ll do cleanse #4.