Beef Customer Updates


**EDITTED** All appointments to pick up beef packages on Saturday 18th are now booked. We will begin setting up appointments for Sunday 19th next. Message me on FB messenger today to set up a pick up time to get your package tomorrow. Please give me your name, phone number and a 2 hour window tomorrow when you could be available to pick up your beef. I will respond with an appointment confirmation according to my availability. You will need to bring with you a cooler or 2, with ice that can hold your meat plus space for the ice. You will also need to bring your balance due in cash preferably, or I can accept a card payment through Square, which will charge a fee. If Saturday is NOT going to work for you, don’t worry, I’ll be creating a pick up schedule for Sunday and Monday next. Let’s do one day at a time please, and get your delicious beef into your freezer ASAP!