BEEF CUSTOMER Update for 12/3/21


A reminder for those with current orders pending…

Our next butcher date is 12/8/21.

If you’ve already paid your deposit, your package will be made available to you in the order the deposits were paid. Please remember that some of the later deposits that have been paid, will not be included in this go around but will be served first in the January butcher schedule.

Once we take the beef to the butcher there is a 10-14 day wait period for processing and proper aging. Believe me, you do not want to rush the aging process. Your meat will taste much better the longer we let the butcher age it. ?

I will keep y’all updated regularly so you’ll have time to be prepared. Please make sure to have the remainder due paid on time. Also, take note that we are in our winter store hours schedule from now until about the end of February. The store is only open Friday and Saturday 10-3.