The Pepsi Shipment Came & A Fun New Contest!

We finally got a partial Pepsi product order in. I know so many other stores are experiencing the same shortages and delays as well. Trying to be patient though ?So I was able to restock the outside and inside drink coolers. We have Pepsi, coke, Mountain Dew, sprite, Diet Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Rockstar energy drinks, sweet leaf tea, Gatorade, cold water, 7-up, Starbucks, some fruit juices and a whole lot more variety is coming with the next order. Hubby wants to do something fun with our outside Pepsi machine. This week I’m going to mark the bottom of 5 random drink cans to win a prize in store. If you see a STAR on the bottom, come see me for your prize. ? I’m not giving any clues what the prizes could be either! Use your imagination. Lol


We did get the beef taken to the butcher right on schedule on 12/8 so be prepared with your freezer space and any remainder payments due. We will set appointments up for y’all to pick up your package just like we always do. I’ll update y’all again soon (usually it’s ready about 2 weeks from butcher date) when I know more! I still have packages available for the pork as well. Msg me for details.