?Canning Class: Aug 17th @7pm!!!!


You will learn the beginner basics of water bath home canning. If you’ve never canned before or it’s been forever and you’d like a refresher course, this class is for you. If you’ve got a garden going, save up your fresh veggies for a few days before the class. Let’s see what we can create and can up from your garden bounty!
This water bath method is the easiest way to get started learning how to can at home. You’ll learn what equipment you need, how to use them properly and safely, how to make successful simple recipes, and how to provide tasty, fresh, homemade jars of goodies for your friends and family. CLASS SIZE IS STRICTLY LIMITED to 6 students at a time.
What you’ll need: a case of brand new pint jars with lids and rings still in their new packaging. A couple of grocery store sacks of fresh produce, a recipe you want to try, and the seasonings/spices/salts/etc needed for your recipe. We will discuss this in detail before class begins. You will be taking home your creations plus we can all taste and swap our goodies together! $30 per person class fee, must be prepaid. Minimum age of 12 and up.

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