Large Tomatoes Coming In.

LARGE RED MATERS ARE COMING IN!! Available tomorrow Woop woop!! Mater and Mayo sammiches anyone?



I have BABY FIELD corn ready for sale. THIS IS NOT SWEET CORN. This is FIELD corn picked in the milk stage which only lasts for a few days.

These ears ARE NOT fully filled out like regular field corn so I’m selling it at a big discount. 5 ears for $1 but it’s edible and juicy. You can still cut your ends off and boil like usual or cut it off and fry it like usual.

Many people like theirs fried in butter or with a little milk or sugar. If you have never tried it before, it’s the perfect time to give it a try cuz prices like this make it very affordable.

I have bundles already counted up with 50 ears each. Please bring a clothes basket, cooler or cardboard box to take it home with. You can start getting yours ready for the freezer!

IF YOU LOVE FIELD CORN COME SEE ME!!! There is a very short window to get it fresh!!

I will have very limited qty of fresh purple hull peas tomorrow $6 a pound. Bagged in 1 pound increments. We just shelled them today. Frozen peas are still available too. All our costs have gone sky high but I’m trying to keep the prices low for y’all. Please shop local to support us and tell your friends!

Fresh goat milk, eggs, squash, zucchini, green maters, RED MATERS, green grapes, yellow table onions, English walnuts, cucumbers…

I will have all of this from 10am until 3pm tomorrow.

Baby Field Corn Coming This Week!

We are just days away from having BABY FIELD CORN available. This means the kernels are HALF FILLED and will be sold at LOWER PRICE. Several days after this stage is available to purchase, the REGULAR FIELD CORN will be available with fuller kernels at regular price.


Reg field corn 3/1$

Sweet corn is a couple of weeks away and will be 2/$1

Purple hull peas are already available for sale in southern MS where they could plant earlier. I’m seeing some very high prices on those. With extra high fuel, seed and fertilizer cost most prices are jumping up to compensate. We had to pay these super high prices as well and we were behind planting by about a month from our normal. So please be patient! Expect higher prices than you’ve seen before, unfortunately.

My frozen shelled peas are available right now for $6 a pound. Fresh ones will be higher.

We will be able to sell peas and beans by the bushel this year. Follow our Facebook for automatic updates and the quickest notice of what’s coming available!!


Keepin’ Summer “School” Cool

Today I will be unreachable while I’m teaching a class about seed saving- Importance of NON-GMO crops. This class is through the USDA for teachers of our public schools.

I will be offering this same class to all of my friends, family, and customers in this area to attend in person at my store. The cost will be $15 per person. You will get to take home printed educational materials and you’ll get your hands on some actual mature seeds so you can understand how this works really well.

Learn what the value of NON-GMO plants and seeds is and how to grow and save your own viable, healthy seeds and how to safeguard the future of healthy, clean foods for generations to come!

Watch for the upcoming class announcement. Get signed up and pay your enrollment fee quickly before the class is full. Minimum age for attendance is 12 years.

Wheat Berries To Grind; Half-size Round Bales Of Hay, $40

The store is open Thu/Fri/Sat 10-3 now. I have some fresh veggies coming in!

We are harvesting wheat if you need some whole wheat berries for your grinding needs, NOW is the time to let me know.

Once the wheat has been harvested we run back through the same field and cut it to roll for straw. We are making HALF round bales right now which are the equivalent of 8-10 square bales depending on weight.

These will sell for $40 which is a heck of a savings. These can be push rolled by one guy up onto a low trailer and rolled around into place in your barns by one person. Tractors do make things easier but we know not everybody has a tractor to use in their backyard gardens or their small homesteads. These HALF round bales offer a nice savings without tractor use requirement. Let me know if you’re interested before they are gone.

I’ll get some pics of the HALF round straw bales from the guys later today and post for you. ?

New Summer Hours & New Produce In The Store!

The produce is starting to trickle in folks. We have yellow squash, zucchini, cukes, small green maters and bundles of greens coming in right now. I have chips, snacks, cold drinks, real lye soap, goat milk soap, t-shirts, pepper jelly, frozen blackberries, cowboy candy, peanuts, wheat flour and corn meal- ground fresh to order, straw bales, animal feed, hay and more! Ask about our farm fresh goat milk, eggs, beef and goat meat.

Summer hours are expanding to be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am-3pm

Stop By The Store For Your Fresh Goat’s Milk Needs!

I’m loving me some healthy fresh creamy goat’s milk on my bad for me, junk food chocolate cereal in the mornings. Sorry, I’m not perfect. Gotta have this every once in a while. Cabbages clustering up, broccoli heading out, cycles making, squash putting on and of course, the zucchini is off to the races!! I feel the produce is about to start being available at the store quick like!! Anyone need some milk?

Planting Green Beans & Sweet Corn/ store closed for the day

Folks I know you are anxiously waiting for the fresh, locally grown produce to come in. So are we! This year, the rain kept us out of the field for planting later than ever before. We may be later than usual, but we are coming along. Please be patient…

This week we planted green beans and 3rd planting of sweet corn. Today we intend to plant crowders and lady peas. So with that said, I won’t be at the store. I’d rather get myself out in the field and get these crops going for you!

Yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cukes, broccoli, cabbages, kohlrabi, and much more are right on the edge of being picked!! Check out these pics to see what I mean.

The last 2 pics are both legume crops. Who can guess what varieties they are?

Thank y’all for your patience, I know it’s tough but we will not let y’all down. Hugs!

Beef Customer Update For June!

Due to the Holiday the butcher schedule was a bit backed up but we did make sure that the butchering process has been started a couple of days ago. Even though there was a delay of a couple of days, things are still on track for those who have current orders placed. Just wanted to give y’all that heads up. When we hear back from them, I’ll come update y’all again.

Get your freezers and remaining balances due ready. It won’t be much longer till you’ll have your delicious farm-to-table experience beef in your freezer.

For those who are ready to place an order for the next butcher date, at this time we are guessing the next butcher date will take place in August. More updates on that will be forthcoming as we are able to observe the calf marbling process.

Head Cold, Shop’s Closed For The Day.

’ve been sick with a head cold for a couple days and I’m still not better today. Thankfully, the guys have planted sweet corn already for me and more is going in the ground soon. Hopefully another day in bed will knock this out…

We do have a couple of quarts of milk. If someone wants some, send me a message. I’ll have one of the guys meet you at the store. Thank you love y’all ?