Purple Hull Peas Are Coming!


As of 2:30 pm Sunday 7/24, we have received a ton of purple hull unshelled bushel prepay orders that I would like to get taken care of in the order they all paid before I accept anymore prepay orders. I want to be careful not to over sell this purple hull field and risk disappointing too many folks. Let me get everyone whom has already paid their invoices taken care of and I’ll post again if I can reopen prepay invoicing on this field. Thank y’all so much!

We are starting to pick purple hull peas by the acre tomorrow morning. I will have bushels of peas available FOR A VERY SHORT WINDOW OF TIME. If they don’t sell within 3 days of being picked I MUST shell them and freeze them before they go bad.

The price is $36 per bushel

Once shelled and bagged into 1 pound increments, they are $6 each.

I am taking prepaid orders as of right now. Please send me a message including your email address so I can invoice you. By Wednesday, all harvested bushels that have not sold will have to shelled.

The next FIELD CORN patch is ready now. If you want some please message me with your email address so I can invoice you. I will be picking field corn for PREPAID customers only-this time. This field corn picking will be over by Tuesday.

We will have an upcoming patch of sweet corn and old fashioned speckled purple hull peas coming in within the next week. You can place an order for these as well and prepay to ensure you get yours.

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