Purple Hull Peas Are Sold Out

This purple hull pea field is sold out. I will not be able to take any more orders for bushels at this time. I will continue to have some more shelled peas available bagged in 1# increments for $6 each. I do have another patch of purple hull peas planted. Depending on the weather we could start seeing them come in around the end of August through mid-September. Keep watching my page for updates.

The next patch of speckled purple hull peas will be coming in soon. They will be $40 a bushel. You can reserve your bushel by sending me a message with your email address so I can invoice you. Please pay your invoice within 24 hours to secure your order.

The next patch of sweet corn is about to come in and there is a chance for ONE FINAL FIELD corn patch to come in within the next week or so. This will definitely be the last FIELD corn for this year, IF it comes in and doesn’t get hard due to excessive heat. Please message me with your email address so I can invoice you to hold your order. If the field corn turns too fast, I will refund your pre-paid invoice. (Minimum 24 ears- no maximum limit) .50 per ear

Okra is doing well in this heat but other veggies are struggling. We are a few weeks away from butter beans and zipper cream crowder peas. Another month away from butter peas and other pea varieties. Keep watching my page for updates. You will be able to prepay for each of these crops as they get closer to being picked.

The long-awaited NON-GMO SWEET CORN is starting to produce silks. It will be available in about a week. Please message me for your pre-paid orders (minimum 24 ears, max 100 ears). Pay your invoice within 24 hours to hold your place in the list .50 per ear.

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