Beef Sampler Packs!

We have sampler packs of beef available from the butcher on this calf that are not spoken for yet. You get 34# of cuts @$6.50 a pound for $221

This is a sample of various cuts, including a couple roasts, a couple pounds of minute steaks, plus some other special cuts as well as a few different types of grilling steaks, plus 10-12 pounds of ground meat that is very lean.

These packages are a variety of cuts, packed up in a fair way so they all have a similar value and will take up about 4 grocery store bags worth of freezer space.

I also have 1/4 of beef available. This is a huge amount and variety of cuts! If you have freezer space and ready to stock it up give me a text or call. Same price- $6.50 a pound hanging weight.

If you are new to us you can check out our website beef page for more details, our special methods using 100% non-gmo feed we grow and make ourselves right here in Tate county! Give us a try, it’s delicious. You won’t be disappointed ????

If you’re up for collecting some clover you can wash it, let it dry and either set in a dehydrator or hang it in a dark closet in bundles for tea making. So healthful and extra benefits for ladies. I’m workin on mine now ????☘️

2 thoughts on “Beef Sampler Packs!”

    1. I do grow them but we don’t have much demand. If you remind me, I can grow them this coming fall

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