Open On The Inside!

We will be open INSIDE now. Come shop in the cool AC! Tomatoes, okra, taters, eggs, milk, butter beans, purple hull peas, squash, zucchini, peppers, sweet corn, peaches, milk, eggplant, onions, cucumbers, salsa, kombucha, preserves, jams and more!

COME INSIDE 10am-3pm tuesdays through saturdays RAIN OR SHINE! I will be staying open later and later, as more and more produce keeps coming in. The goal is being open 10am until 6pm Tue-Sat.

I accept cash/credit/debit cards.

16931 Hwy4 East
Senatobia MS 38668
United States

See you soon and tell your friends!

Kefir Cheese

I made some extra soft, creamy kefir cheese for sale tomorrow! Mild flavor so delicious. It won’t last long. Bring a glass jar to transport it as it is made with LIVE kefir beneficial bacteria and heated to only 98 degrees. So most of the bacteria is still living in there and will contribute to your health!

I enjoy mine spread on toast or homemade crackers with fresh chopped herbs or garlic. I love it in ravioli’s and lasagna or just a bit of it with some sliced peaches. Mmmmm what are some of the ways you enjoy your spreadable kefir cheese?
It is .75 per ounce