Garden Updates!

We’ve gotten a nice patch of sweet corn planted and with today’s lovely rain, it should get off to a good start.

The green beans are poking up out of the ground with the summer squash.

The potatoes are getting really big. It won’t be much longer now until we are lifting those little nuggets of smooth and creamy delicious heaven out of the soil! It’s like digging for buried treasure.

We are eating mustard greens and turnip greens already. I have some extra if anybody would like some. 

Talk About Vicious Rain Last Night!

The lower field was flooded like a lake for the first time since we put in drainage ditches. The water came across the street from the fields and the ditches. Swollen drain ditches, flooded river bank and massive rains are good enough cause for all this standing water. Just since 6am the water has receded back across the street which is good news for traveling our road.

My little crew of hard working farm hands have dug nice deep drainage ditches alongside every planted row of vegetable seed. The seed beds are not flooded and hopefully the seeds stayed in place to sprout.

The first planting of potatoes are sprouting good and steady now. These will be an estimated earliest harvest date of: FIRST WEEK OF MAY
I will keep you all posted with more developments on these organic Red Pontiac early potatoes.

Recently planted seeds:
Brussels sprouts
Mixed greens

Greenhouse starts: