Here’s a little snippet of a story…
Momma came up to me a couple weeks ago while I was filling the duck pond with fresh water. She had in her mouth a young deer leg, found in the woods around our place after deer season began. I just happened to be near the kennel with all her 4 week old pups in it.

She came right up to me and looked at me with those big chocolate brown eyes, expectantly. I thought for a moment… What could she be wanting to tell me? I had 1 idea: did she want to show me her trophy find? Nah, that’s not usually her style. Hmmm

Then it popped in my head! She wanted to give it to her pups, who were not within her reach at that moment. She was asking me to open the door for her.

I walked over to the kennel door and before opening it, asked her if she wanted to go in… She changed that look in her eyes from- “do you understand me?”
To- “I’m glad you understand me!”

I opened the door just enough for her to fit in. The pups were napping of course. They had BIG exciting puppy dreams going on! Complete with tail flipping, ear twitching and tiny puppy whimpers. I’m sure they were having the time of their puppy lives in their dreams when all of a sudden…. Here comes MOMMA with something delicious for us to chew on and fight over!!

It was so adorable. Over the course of the next few days other bits of deer wound up in that kennel for her pups to chew on. Each time she brought some other tasty bit to me, there wasn’t a moment lost in the translation between her and I.

I love that dog ?

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