Garden Planning

Starting my garden planner for this year. Each green rectangle is a walk/work path where grass will be allowed to grow and be kept mowed. I’ll kneel, sit and stand in this space to work each planting area from its respective sides. Space enough to pack around square bales of straw, garden tools, wheel barrow, etc etc

The first thing to plant in my area is sweet peas. That first block to the furthest right will house roughly 500 pea plants. Each consecutive block should house the same.

I need to double check this plot measurement before I can finish the planning of this section, but I think my estimation is close.

Yesterday I started cultivating the first planting row with my wheel hoe. Got all the weeds out, now to cultivate once more to make a fine tilth.

I’m carefully creating tiny earth berms along each growing area to retain more rain water through the year as I’ll not be able to water until a well is put in.

Woohoo! It’s garden garden time folks! More pics to come as the progress continues…..

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