Aluminum Brain Detox

Ok folks, who wants to do an aluminum brain detox with me? Join me! It’s easy and healthy.

If you’ve ever worn deodorant, drank out of plastics, ate commercially made breads, or had a vaccination- you have aluminum in your brain. If you aren’t familiar with the problems it can cause- look it up!

We need silica water to detox it out of our brains. Everybody buy 5 large bottles of FIJI brand bottled water, per person to detox by Sunday. Sunday at lunch time, we all drink down 1 full bottle within an hour. We repeat this each day at lunch time for the next 4 days. On Thursday let’s all check back in and discuss what we think!

If you’re on board with this detox and want to participate: comment to this post. If you’d rather do it some other time on your own, go for it and have fun getting healthier!
<T pulls all her pals into a football huddle>
Let’s get ready to detox!! WOOP WOOP

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