Taking Deposits/Trades now: Great Pyrenees Livestock Guard Dog Pups!

GREAT PYRENEES LIVESTOCK GUARD DOG PUPS!!! Taking deposits and trade considerations for litter due….. Momma came out of heat 3 days ago. Mark your calendars for the expected date for new pups to be born!

These pups when at the appropriate age, will protect your livestock from predation including coyotes, fox, other dogs, cats, snakes, raccoon, etc etc. They discourage thieves and trespassers on your property. Guard children and provide years of companionship for the sick, handicapped and elderly.

They require a 6′ fence and THEY REQUIRE A JOB TO DO EVERYDAY. They do not make good pets to sit in the house all day and go for jogs at the park with you. Apartment and suburban dwellers please find a different breed, PYRES WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU.
New owner consultation provided free before purchase of pup. New owner training also available.

Pups will be sold for $500 cash, each at 8 weeks old. Each month I keep them longer, the price goes up as does their level of training and ability. $100 deposit holds your pup. I do worm meticulously but any and all shots for the pup will need to be handled by you and your vet.

All of us at Oasis Homestead are eagerly awaiting their arrival…..
Located in Senatobia/Coldwater MS area. I will travel up to 2 hours one way for appropriate trade deal.

Tour previous posts on my page for pictures, videos, stories and customer reviews.
Trade considerations:
I accept some dairy nanny goat trades (must be dehorned, not more the 25% meat breed mixed in, already bred and/or currently giving milk), beef calves, a Jersey heifer (must be dehorned, tame to hand milking, gentle, obedient and 4 fully usable quarters with health papers) and also would consider bird trades:
I will accept laying age hens of any breed but I only value them at $10 each unless they are pure bred buff orpingtons – which would be $15 each. I will accept Muscovy ducks, guinea fowl (must be at least 1 mated pair) or Toulouse geese (must be at least 1 mated pair).
Not ready to take sheep or pigs yet.

If the trade animal won’t fit in the back of my pick up truck bed, you will need to deliver.

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