Availability Update!

Availability update:
As most of you know I have not been feeling well since Thursday. I’m sorry I could not be set up all these past days as I usually am. I’ve definitely missed seeing your smiling faces. ?

I AM feeling much better now though-thank God!

The weather is calling for rain pretty much all day Tuesday , therefore I will plan to be set up on Wednesday. I will be next to the Dollar General store in New Town area. You can find it by traveling east on HWY 4, 1.5 miles from Senatobia, MS.

If you need an address for your GPS, you can use the one for the Solid Rock church that’s across the street.
16938 Highway 4 E
Senatobia, MS 38668

I won’t be able to give you a specific time in advance that I’ll be there, but I will post here with pictures of what I have, as soon as I finish setting up. I won’t know what all I’ll be able to bring up there in advance either, but I will include that information with the pictures. Please understand I have animal chores, produce picking and other chores to do before I can get myself up there. Every single day is different on a Homestead with new challenges all the time. I’ll do my best to get there between 9 -10 am and plan to stay all day long.

Look forward to seeing everybody on WEDNESDAY !!