Hey Y’all!

Time to say a few words I guess since I haven’t been too talkative lately. I spent the majority of March constantly under the weather. My immune system was really being challenged. This encouraged me to get back working on my tea detoxing. I set myself a regimen and have been surprisingly faithful to it. Lol I’m so proud of myself ????

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with new cheese equipment and makin butter. Mmmmm look at this bowl I made- I’m almost through it in just one week. Sooooo good.

I thought you’d like a pic of my cute little kitty so fat and prego. Can’t wait to see her littles born.

Thanks to all my peeps who stopped by the store today to give me their input on the recent batch of soft cheese. We love y’all and don’t stay away so long next time ????????

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