Prairie Gold Wheat

My field of Prairie Gold wheat has been planted folks! I’m super excited about this harvest come June of 2018!

It means I’ll be baking with one of the few heirloom varieties of wheat strains that was never engineered to have excessive gluten. If you have anyone in your family that suffers from gluten intolerance- you understand how awful it can be.

Woohoo!! I can’t wait to start baking with my own home grown, hand harvested, hand winnowed, hand crank ground PRAIRIE GOLD heirloom wheat flour!!

Fresh Wheat Flour

We are grinding fresh wheat flour to order now!
You have 4 options for non-GMO, not bleached, no chemicals added, not heated wheat:

1) Buy whole wheat berries for grinding fresh at home, cracking for cracked wheat cereal, cooking whole, or sprouting. $.50 a pound.

2) Order some fresh ground whole wheat flour. Ground for you when you order and kept frozen until pick up (must be same week. Limited freezer space) $1.00 pound.

3) Order some FS (fine sifted=commercial white flour substitute) wheat flour. Ground and sifted for you when you order and kept frozen until pick up (must be same week. Limited freezer space) $1.50 pound.

4) Bring us your own whole wheat berries to grind up for you. You sift= $.50 pound. We sift WW= $1.00 pound. We sift FS= $1.50 pound.

Ground by hand powered crank. Grinder is cast iron burr type which will not heat up during grinding. Electric grinder blades can heat up during grinding, which could cause rancidity.

Happy Baking!!

Fresh Ground Flour

Do you like to do your own baking at home? Why use store bought flour that’s been sitting on a shelf, caught up in transit for weeks or months, and laden with chemicals? Instead try our fresh ground flour.

The soft wheat berries are harvested right out of the field during harvest time by us. This is locally grown, NON-GMO wheat. No added preservatives, chemicals or bleach. We grind it fresh to order BY HAND crank burr grinder. No fast moving metal blades to heat up your flour and make it go rancid.

You’ll love the extra fresh flavor of all your home made baked goods.

Several ppl I know remarked that even though they were diagnosed with gluten issues, they don’t have the same complaints when eating our baked goods. *I am not a doctor and do not claim to be able to diagnose, cure or treat any diseases, or otherwise take the place of your physician. See your doctor for medical advice.

Whole wheat berries, to grind yourself:
$.50 per pound

Whole wheat flour, ground fresh to order:
$1.00 per pound

Fine Sifted flour, takes the place of traditional white flour in your recipes:
$1.50 per pound

Call or text for availability. Open for customers on Most Tuesday’s and Saturdays.