Beef Sampler Packs!

We have sampler packs of beef available from the butcher on this calf that are not spoken for yet. You get 34# of cuts @$6.50 a pound for $221

This is a sample of various cuts, including a couple roasts, a couple pounds of minute steaks, plus some other special cuts as well as a few different types of grilling steaks, plus 10-12 pounds of ground meat that is very lean.

These packages are a variety of cuts, packed up in a fair way so they all have a similar value and will take up about 4 grocery store bags worth of freezer space.

I also have 1/4 of beef available. This is a huge amount and variety of cuts! If you have freezer space and ready to stock it up give me a text or call. Same price- $6.50 a pound hanging weight.

If you are new to us you can check out our website beef page for more details, our special methods using 100% non-gmo feed we grow and make ourselves right here in Tate county! Give us a try, it’s delicious. You won’t be disappointed ????

If you’re up for collecting some clover you can wash it, let it dry and either set in a dehydrator or hang it in a dark closet in bundles for tea making. So healthful and extra benefits for ladies. I’m workin on mine now ????☘️

Come Stop By The Store!

I don’t know who’s more cute- my lil helper girls or my 4 legged babies or my fluffy butt bird babies…. I’m not going to choose! I’ll just love them all ????

Thought I’d share some projects my awesome girls are working on this week. Of course it’s never ending grooming and cuddles for all the fur babies! We are also trying to give the front of the store a touch up with fresh bright white paint on our road signs and building. Don’t forget the lovely spring flowers and herbs. Also getting the trellises ready for vining plants with mowing. Soon maters get transplanted out! Woop woop

Stop in and leave them some words of encouragement for their hard work and great efforts. I’ll be open Fri/Sat 10-3

Come see me!

Store Updates!

I love love real lye soap for our household. When I don’t have time to make my own, I grab a bar of this trusty brand. It’s been around for years and at only $5 a bar, it’s so worth it to skip all those chemicals,colors,poisons, bleck!! No thank you

Oh and hey y’all fellow homesteaders who have dairy critters of your own… I restocked our supply of mastitis tests. So if you need a box for your homestead kit, stop by. $11 for box of 30

Bonus:Just had to post this pic of the Oasis Homestead BIG WHITE FLUFFY PACK of livestock guardians. Ain’t they sweet ?! ????

Hey Y’all!

Time to say a few words I guess since I haven’t been too talkative lately. I spent the majority of March constantly under the weather. My immune system was really being challenged. This encouraged me to get back working on my tea detoxing. I set myself a regimen and have been surprisingly faithful to it. Lol I’m so proud of myself ????

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with new cheese equipment and makin butter. Mmmmm look at this bowl I made- I’m almost through it in just one week. Sooooo good.

I thought you’d like a pic of my cute little kitty so fat and prego. Can’t wait to see her littles born.

Thanks to all my peeps who stopped by the store today to give me their input on the recent batch of soft cheese. We love y’all and don’t stay away so long next time ????????